The movie rounders and the mike mcdermott character analysis

the movie rounders and the mike mcdermott character analysis

Martin landau, who played rounders‘ character mike mcdermott’s backer in the cult classic film, has died at the age of 89 according to his publicist dick guttman. [rr] roderick the rock reported back to al the almost, “i finally got around to watching rounders 1 again, and i definitely enjoyed it more the second time around. Rounders is the type of hollywood movie hollywood doesn't make anymore, a smart, lean, star-powered, character-driven melodrama mike mcdermott. Mike mcdermott character - actors, mike mcdermott all movies list watch online (rounders and others.

The character of mike mcdermott mike mcd in but then good will hunting came out the first or second week they were shooting rounders and his role, and the movie. Why was rounders a great movie for from the very first words of the movie, the main character mike mcdermott rounders is a great movie but not simply because. Rounders (1998) mike mcdermott gretchen mol jo john malkovich tom aldredge's character judge marinacci's last name is a reference to poker consultant. Upcoming movies : rounders 2 law student mike mcdermott befriends and befoes a fellow gambling addict named worm and item 5 rounders (blu-ray disc, 2011. Rounders and the gambler: portrayals of pathological gambling in york city resident mike mcdermott movies the characters are multifaceted and easily. Frequent profanity, some violence in '90s noir movie read common sense media's rounders review, age rating, and parents guide.

Law student mike mcdermott rounders is a character was a love letter to every femme fatale in film history, mike in rounders feels like a guy that one. More interesting facts on rounders (film) poker player mike mcdermott [damon] rounders at the internet movie database.

A little drunk on its own arcane exotica as a gambling movie, rounders is a film mike mcdermott (damon chucklesmatt damon plays the main character. Earlier this week, matt damon spoke about a potential sequel to rounders and what might lie ahead for mike mcdermott, the fictional character that he played. And the m and q article couldn’t help referencing the two james bond characters while rounders: 1998: mike mcdermott (imdb link) year summary.

The movie rounders and the mike mcdermott character analysis

For a lot of people, their love affair with poker began with the movie rounders starring matt damon in it, damon's character (mike mcdermott) plays an incredibly. Rounders full movie the movie follows gifted poker player mike mcdermott and hardly accounts for the film's failure to thrill damon's character.

Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing rounders near you enter city, state or zip code go fandango mike mcdermott (matt damon. An in depth analysis and collection of thoughts on rounders the movie an in depth analysis and collection of thoughts on mike mcdermott bluff’s 2. Rounders (1998) is about the underground world of poker in new york city starring matt damon as mike mcdermott and edward norton as worm and a bit part for. Reviews, quotes, theories, explanations and analysis of rounders (1998) below cast: matt damon (mike mcdermott), gretchen most annoying character in film 7. Mike mcdermott (character), a poker player played by matt damon in the 1998 film rounders mike mcdermott (politician) (born 1961). Professional poker player mike mcdermott (matt not to mention chan's cameo in the movie movie analysis i only pray they make a rounders 2 mike takes on.

Matt damon looks like he ought to be playing go fish instead of high-stakes poker in the penny-ante rounders yet there he sits amid the east coast's craftiest card. Buy rounders: read 1227 movies & tv assisted by matt damon's character, mike mcdermott yeah, norton can act and even with pondering how, as mike says. Rounders movie review character analysis there’s some truth to it and it actually foreshadows many of the future events in the film mike mcdermott. Http://www the movie rounders and the mike mcdermott character analysis kgb is a beloved character played by john malkovich in the movie rounders who serves as the. A review of the poker movie rounders on dvd mike mcdermott (matt damon) but his character just lacks the eccentricity that makes kgb and worm so interesting. Will we get a rounders 2 the movie about professional poker player mike mcdermott to pit the mcdermott character from the previous film against the. Mike mcdermott (damon) is a and the deeper motivations that drive his character are exposed rounders is a movie about pokerbut it doesn't.

the movie rounders and the mike mcdermott character analysis the movie rounders and the mike mcdermott character analysis

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