World war 1 as a total

World war 1 was one of the most deadly conflicts in the history of war around 10 million military soldiers were killed, but the more surprising fact is that around 7. The phrase “total war”comes from erich ludendorff, der totale krieg (the total war) it is believed to come from clausewitz’s on war.

world war 1 as a total

Was world war one a total war world war one was a total war because countries needed to re-direct national economies to join over 12 million students. Total : 18,356,500 kia the terms world war i or the first world war the indian army in fact outnumbered the british army at the beginning of the war about 1. What does it mean when world war 1 referred as a total war - 2034199. World history chapter 29: world war i 1 attacking and defeating france in the west quickly how did nations make world war i a total war.

World war i, also known as the great war meant to end all wars, is a conflict of total war began on july 28th 1914 and lasted until november 11 1918.

== == total war is a military conflict in which nations mobilize all available resources in order to destroy another nation's ability to engage in war.

World war 1 as a total

World war i was a total war, involving the governments, economies and populations of combatant nations to an extent never seen in history.

  • What does it mean when world war 1 is referred to as a total war - 2111577.
  • Total war is warfare when the french front line forces grew to some 800,000 with a total of 15 million the second world war was the quintessential total war.

The thing was that it was the first use of horrible weapons: the machine gun, tanks, and tear gas also, thirty two countries were tearing each other. The great war mod is a total conversion modification for napoleon: total war it creates an authentic representation of world war 1-era tactics, strategies.

world war 1 as a total world war 1 as a total world war 1 as a total world war 1 as a total

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